Reading Order

I’ve been getting more and more the question about what the exact reading order is for all my books. While they are already in order on the books page, I just wanted to give you another quick overview.

Assassins series

A sports romance series about hot Nashville hockey players, and the women who fall in love with them.

  1. Taking Shot
  2. Trying to Score
  3. Empty Net
  4. Falling for the Backup
  5. Blue Lines
  6. Breaking Away
  7. Laces and Lace
  8. Overtime
  9. Rushing the Goal
  10. Face of at the Altar
  11. Delayed Call
  12. Twenty Two

Bellevue Bullies

An Assassins new adult spinoff series about the Bellevue Bullies college hockey team. For optimal reading pleasure, best read between Overtime and Rushing The Goal, though can be read as a standalone series.

  1. Boarded by Love
  2. Clipped by Love
  3. Hooked by Love

Taking Risks

Taking Risks is a two part romance series.

  1. Whiskey Prince
  2. Becoming the Whiskey Princess


Writing as T. Aleo, a new paranormal romance series.

  1. Pieces
  2. Broken Pieces
  3. Pieced Together


  • Let It Be Me


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